Top Selling Bibles

  1. The Life Application Study Bible

Understand the Bible on a deeper level with the Life Application Study Bible, an award-winning resource that is updated and expanded in its third edition. Featuring fresh insights arranged at the bottom of each page for easy access, this study bible helps you gain insight into how God’s word applies to daily life – from your relationships to work responsibilities. In 2020 it was honored as one of ECPA’s Christian Book Awards winner in The Bible category; making Tyndale House Publishers’ treasured translation available in NIV, NLT NASB & KJV!

2. The ESV Study Bible

Boasting the endorsement of renowned teachers and scholars such as John Piper, Mark Driscoll, R. Albert Mohler Jr., and R. Kent Hughes, the ESV Study Bible is globally acclaimed for its comprehensive content – so much that it won the 2009 Christian Book of The Year Award from Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). Selling out shortly after release in October 2008 and securing top-notch reviews since then; this version of English Standard Bible remains an indisputable favorite among bible readers around world!

3. NIV Quest Study Bible

Are you looking to go deeper in your understanding and knowledge of God’s Word? The Quest Study Bible can help! With information from trusted scholars, articles covering popular questions surrounding the faith, as well as helpful sidebars that bring clarity to difficult passages – readers are equipped with an invaluable resource. From new believers all the way to seasoned Christians; this study Bible contains tools for everyone no matter where they’re at on their journey towards a stronger relationship with Christ.

4. CSB Ancient Faith Bible

Immerse yourself in your faith journey with the CSB (Christian Standard Bible) Ancient Faith Study Bible, newly released in September 2019. It has already gained recognition as a winner of Christian Book of the Year Awards from ECPA – Evangelical Christian Publishers Association – and offers readers an invaluable insight into their theological heritage through commentary by renowned early church figures such as Irenaeus Of Lyons, Origen, Justin Martyr , Tertullian , Clement Of Alexandria, Ambrose Of Milan and Augustine Amongst Others!

5. Compass The Study Bible

Compass Bible is a unique edition of the Scriptures, providing an inviting pathway to draw closer to God. It features Voice translation—which combines elements of both literal and dynamic interpretations—with special attention given towards Revelation – one of the Bible’s most challenging books. Make your next devotional journey memorable by discovering how you fit into His story using this inspiring guide, perfect for new believers or those looking for fresh insights from Scripture.